Team Fortress 2 gets another QoL update

Surprise! Valve has pushed out another update for its beleaguered bot-ladened shooter, Team Fortress 2.

Whilst not quite as impactful as the last patch, the game’s Steam page explains how the update hopes to address “exploits and stability issues”.

The long bulletpointed list includes mostly quality of life (QoL) fixes, but some new game server settings will now enable server operator to “limit the amount of processing time the gamer server can spend on processing packets for each client per tick”. Clients that send packets causing server CPU processing time to exceed the configured number of milliseconds will be kicked.

Players can also disable random fall damage and run a stats dump to give you information about each network channel – including messages, bandwidth, and CPU processing – “when that network channel in closed”.

Finally, there’s some improvements to Arena and Mann vs. Machine mode, too. For the former, players can now “late-join” sessions, and Unassigned team members can no longer kill others. For the latter, you can now kick spectators and the Vaccinator’s Ubercharge charge rate and duration upgrade should be working now.

The latest Team Fortress 2 patch will be applied automatically when you next boot it up. For the full breakdown, head on over to Steam.

Valve issued a new update for Team Fortress 2 back in June, a month after acknowledging a high-profile fan campaign that highlighted the current state of the game.

A “peaceful protest” to “#SaveTF2” was organised by fans in May to raise awareness of the game’s many bugs, its ongoing bot problems, and the general lack of updates by Valve despite TF2’s ongoing popularity.

In response, Valve said it had heard the game’s community.