Woman sparks debate over ‘chaotic’ way she cut sandwich – as some say it’s ‘madness’

There are many ways you can cut a sandwich, and almost all of us have a preference for one style over all the others – even though we know it doesn’t make the food taste any differently.

But whether you’re partial to two triangles as commonly seen in the much-loved meal deal sandwich, four triangles as served in a posh afternoon tea, two rectangles, or four squares, you probably don’t cut your sandwiches in the way that one woman on Reddit has done.

The woman shared a picture of her uniquely cut lunch as she revealed that she doesn’t follow the traditional method of cutting the bread in perfect halves, which is what gives you either two halves or four quarters.

Instead, the Reddit user said she cuts her sandwiches off-centre, meaning she can squeeze an unconventional six oddly-shaped pieces out of one full sandwich.

she said: “Personally I believe this is the best way. Optional shapes and sizes, plus two extra pieces.”

But her method has divided opinion with people online, as some said her decision to go against the masses is “madness” – and some even questioned whether the blistering summer heat this weekend had sent her “crazy”.

One person said: “What is this chaotic neutral monstrosity?”

While another added: “Has the heat got to you? What is this craziness?”

And a third stunned user wrote: “To be fair, I could see this working if it was to accompany soup. Other than that, madness.”

Some other commenters offered constructive criticism on the cutting method, with people saying that the middle parts seem too “flappy” to hold together when picked up.

A commenter posted: “I appreciate the effort, but I’m gonna have to veto this one. The central two look a bit flappy, going to say. Might get away with it on toasted, but on bread? Nah. Ratios and angles look dangerous, to me.”

Not everyone was against the method either. In fact, some said they would be trying it out the next time they find themselves making a sandwich for lunch.

One said: “You actually have my attention here. I think I’ll give this a go at lunchtime. Can’t complain about getting more sandwich!”

While another stated: “I kind of like it. Smash the system!”

The woman later returned to the post to share that she actually started cutting her sandwiches in the unique way so they were easier to eat when she was at work.

She explained: “I actually started this about a year ago. Whenever I see a sandwich post on this sub I think, ‘I should show them my way’, then promptly forget. Finally, I remembered to take a photo before the jolly gobbling. I make them like this to take to work. Smaller chunks mean I don’t have hamster cheeks if I have to communicate with people.”