Ron Rivera feels good about Terry McLaurin, Carson Wentz “coming together” before camp

Commanders wide receiver Terry McLaurin held a press conference to discuss his new contract on Wednesday and there was also some conversation about the team’s new quarterback.

McLaurin’s success in 2022 will be tied to how well Carson Wentz plays in his first year with Washington and the duo missed time working together this spring with McLaurin staying away from the team during contract negotiations. With the deal in place, McLaurin told reporters that his next move will be to meet up with Wentz for workouts before training camp starts at the end of the month.

It’s a plan that head coach Ron Rivera thinks will have a positive impact on his team.

“Something I learned from Mike Ditka [is] it’s not just going to be about what they’re doing as far as the X’s and O’s, but just the fact that they’re going to be together,” Rivera said, via David Harrison of “That’s the thing that you feel good about, because you know that they’re bonding, they’re coming together and as Terry said, ‘It’s not just about what I do on the football field, but hey, I got your back.’ That sends a strong message to your quarterback and it sends a strong message to his teammates.”

McLaurin said he hopes to develop a strong enough connection that Wentz “can trust, not only me as a player, but as a person” and that would be a good development for the Commanders offense this season.